Tuckaseegee Ford
(also Togaseegee)


On September 26, Colonel Sumter and the South Carolina militiamen reached Tuckaseegee Ford just 10 miles northwest of Charlotte Town where patriot Major William R. Davie and Major George Hanger of the British Legion were then engaged in the Battle of Charlotte. At Tuckaseegee Ford, the South Carolinians under Sumter met up with Colonel William Graham and the Lincoln County Militia. Among these men were Lt. Colonel Frederick Hambright, and Major William Chronicle. These local militiamen had been pressed eastward by the advance and foraging activities of British Major Patrick Ferguson into North Carolina’s Broad River valley. (Ferguson was protecting Cornwallis’s left flank and had recruited a sizeable army of loyalist militia as he had passed through Ninety Six District. Ferguson was also confiscating the livestock of Broad River patriots to feed his and Cornwallis’s army.) Together the two withdrawing patriot militia groups crossed the Catawba River at Tuckaseegee Ford and marched northward along the Catawba River valley. They were seeking to join up with Brigadier General William Lee Davidson, who had been given command of North Carolina’s Salisbury (Western) District militia after General Griffith Rutherford had been captured at the Battle of Camden in August. If these militiamen were anxious about encountering patrols of the advancing British Legion, they may well have followed a route close to the river. Otherwise, they more likely took the faster and more open Beattie’s Ford Road leading north. That route lay just a mile or two east of the river.

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Map of Tuckasegee (Togaseechee) Ford

detail from "A Map of North Carolina from the best authorities" 1794 by Harrison
source: http://dc.lib.unc.edu/cdm/singleitem/collection/ncmaps/id/375/rec/1

Tuckasegee Ford enabled crossing the Catawba River about nine miles north and upstream of Armour's (Armer's) Ford, which was at the confluence of the South Fork Catawba with the Catawba River. [View Additional File Details]

Aerial view of Tuckasegee Ford

Today, Tuckasegee Ford is adjacent to the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC. Tuckasegee Ford should not be confused with the Tuckasegee River is Jackson and Swain counties, NC, flowing into Fontana Lake. [View Additional File Details]

View of Catawba River at Tuckaseegee Ford

Tuckaseegee Ford is submerged today beneath the backwater of Lake Wylie. The ford crossed at the north end of the island seen in this photograph looking south from the west back of the river a few hundred feet above the Flatwater Dock for the U.S. National Whitewater Center. [View Additional File Details]

View at Tuckaseegee Ford

"View at Tuckesege Ford" by Benson John Lossing from "The Pictorial Field Book of the Revolution," 1852. This illustration looks at the ford from the west bank. [View Additional File Details]

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