Turkey Cove


The divided Overmountain militia led by Colonel William Campbell camped the night of September 29, 1780, at Turkey Cove along the bottomlands of Armstrong Creek. This site is not a marked site on the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail. The camp site could have been anywhere along the creek from US Hwy 221 to American Thread Road.

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A view of Turkey Cove along the bottomlands of Armstrong Creek.

Photo by Randell Jones

Colonel William Campbell's men camped and pastured their horses at Turkey Cove, the bottomlands along Armstrong Creek before it reaches the North Fork Catawba River. This photo was taken from along American Thread Road. [View Additional File Details]

Excerpt from "Before They Were Heroes at King's Mountain" by Randell Jones

pp. 396-397 Colonel Campbell and his men rode by the southerly route descending six or seven miles to Turkey Cove on the Catawba River. They passed the home of Henry Gillespie, a simple cabin in the wilderness where some of the men camped, questioning Gillespie at length for information about Ferguson. He knew nothing and offered as much, hoping to survive the turmoil of the Revolution by remaining neutral, incurring neither the gratitude nor the wrath of either side. Some of Campbell's men continued on to the home of Colonel William Wofford, fortified, as it was, against Indian attacks. Wofford was a wealthy man and a faithful Patriot, though he may have recently participated in a ruse to protect cattle of Burke County for Patriot use by pretending to take British protection. Copyright 2011, Randell Jones Available at www.danielboonefootsteps.com [View Additional File Details]

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