Grave of Colonel James Williams


Colonel James Williams was the highest ranking officer killed at the Battle of Kings Mountain. He was wounded in the last minutes of the battle on October 7, and tended by his son, Daniel. His men carried him carefully on their withdrawal on October 8, but he soon succumbed to his wounds. After vowing to return the body to his beloved Little River Plantation in the Ninety-Six District, his South Carolina militiamen thought better of it and buried him along Buffalo Creek, with military honors and firing a volley. Years later, his remains were moved to their current burial site in Gaffney, South Carolina, on the lawn of the Cherokee County pubic administration building.

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Grave of Colonel James Williams

Photos by Randell Jones

Re-interred in Gaffney, South Carolina, on the lawn of the Cherokee County Public Administration Building, the remains of Colonel James Williams were moved from the original burial site along Buffalo Creek. This is a certified site along the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail. [View Additional File Details]

Excerpt from "Before They Were Heroes at King's Mountain"

p 468 Near the end of the battle Colonel Williams was shot. Thomas Young reported, "I heard a great noise & voices saying Col Williams is shot--I ran to him--his son Daniel had raised him up; they ran into a tent and got some water & washed his face so he could speak, The first words he spoke were, 'For God's sake, boys, don't give up the hill.' We now had the enemy huddled up on the top of the Mountain; they wheeled to fire a platoon over us, some of our men ran back, but I was too much fatigued to run. They fired but without effect." Young left Williams in the care of his son, and then, as he said, "returned to the field to avenge his fall." Copyright 2011, Randell Jones Available at [View Additional File Details]

OVTA fires a volley to honor Col. James Williams

Photo by Randell Jones

Each fall during the annual reenactment march, members of the Overmountain Victory Trail Association fire a volley at the grave of Col. James Williams. They are joined by members of the Sons of the American Revolution and the Daughters of the American Revolution as well as others and public. [View Additional File Details]

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