Graves of Daniel Boone's Parents


Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan Boone, the parents of America's pioneer hero, Daniel Boone, are buried in Mocksville, NC, at the Joppa Cemetery. This is actually a graveyard as it surrounded at one time the independent Joppa Church. Squire Boone helped establish the church after breaking away from the Society of Friends in Pennsylvania before moving to North Carolina in 1752. Squire is a given name and not any sort of title. One son is named Squire Boone, Jr. The Boone family includes others with that name as well.

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Protected headstones at graves of Squire and Sarah Boone

Photograph by Randell Jones, 2005

In Joppa Cemetery, the headstones of Squire and Sarah Morgan Boone are encased in a brick monument. The headstones were carved into soapstone slabs from the Bear Creek homestead. Squire Boone's headstone reads: "Squire Boone departed this life they sixty-ninth year of his age in thay year of our Lord 1765 Genieray tha 2" (Note that "the" is spelled three different ways.) Sarah Boone's headstone reads: "SAH + Boone departed this life 1777 aged 77 years." Informational markers about the Boone family in the Forks of Yadkin region are adjacent to the headstones. | Source: "In the Footsteps of Daniel Boone" by Randell Jones NC Daniel Boone Heritage Trail, Inc. [View Additional File Details]

Highway Historical Marker for graves of Daniel Boone's parents

Photograph by Randell Jones, 2005

The Joppa Cemetery is located along NC Hwy 601 about one mile south of I-40 at Exit 170. [View Additional File Details]

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