Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park


Defeated Camp and Boone Trace remnant
A remnant of the Boone Trace runs through Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park near the McHargue’s Water Mill. Nearby are the mass graves for 24 of the McNitt Party, pioneers killed by Shawnee warriors along Boone Trace in 1786. Called “Defeated Camp,” this was Kentucky’s worst massacre of pioneers.

Boone Trace Driving Tour (1942 Sesquicentennial Trace markers)

To celebrate Kentucky 150th anniversary of statehood, in 1942 Russell Dyche and L.B. McHargue helped place a series of stone markers across Laurel County. Several of them mark the Boone Trace through the county; others mark significant pioneer events. One of these markers stands at the courthouse in London, near the main street, US Hwy 25.

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