Cumberland Ford


Twenty miles north of Cumberland Gap, the Boone Trace crossed the Cumberland River at a shallow ford at today's Pineville. The Cumberland Ford is about 500 feet north (downstream) of the bridge for Kentucky Hwy 66.

The Thomas Walker Narrows Overlook on Harbell Station Rd. ¼ mile east of US 25E offers superb views of “The Narrows” to those willing and able to make the strenuous uphill walk. Historic markers on US 25E at KY Hwy 66 tell the story of Cumberland Ford.

The Kentucky DAR placed a cast iron marker along the Cumberland River in “the Narrows” and along the main road at the time into Pineville. The marker has since been moved and stands today on the lawn of the Bell County Courthouse in today’s Pineville, a community known as “Cumberland Ford” from 1781 to 1889.

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