Boone's Cave


Traditional stories claim that Daniel Boone hid in this cave while being pursued by Indians. That is not likely true, because the dominant tribe of the region at that time, the Catawba, welcomed and eagerly traded with the new settlers. But, Daniel Boone did fish the Yadkin River in the area and may have used the cave for shelter on occasion. Tradition says his parent’s family built a cabin at the site to use on such provisioning expeditions.

The mouth of Dutchman’s Creek is upstream of the cave location. Squire Boone owned 640 acres along this stream. Downstream of the cave is the mouth of South Fork of Yadkin River. Today's Hannah's Ferry Road leads to the site of what was called The Boone Ford. It was named for Daniel’s brother, Jonathan, who preceded Daniel’s arrival in the Forks of the Yadkin area. Daniel arrived with his parents is 1752, although Squire Boone secured warrants for land two years before.

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Boone's Cave

Historic Boone's Cave is along the Yadkin River on the east bank in Davidson County's Boone's Cave Park. | Creator: Randell Jones [View Additional File Details]

Hampton Rich Marker at Boone's Cave Park in Davidson County, NC

Hampton Rich, a prolific commemorator of Daniel Boone, placed one of his markers at the park in 1929 or 1930. His tablets used the illustration of Boone created by Alonzo Chappel. Each tablet placed by Rich was cast using some steel salvaged from the U.S.S. Maine, sunk in Havana Harbor under mysterious circumstances in 1898. He placed his tablet on the repaired monument originally placed in 1910 and augmented by the DAR in 1913. He used the commemorative cabin built at the park in 1910 as the headquarters of the Boone Trail Highway and Memorial Association. The cabin was burned by vandals in 1939, destroying all the records of the association. The monument has been moved within the park from its original location. [View Additional File Details]

Original monument placed at Boone's Cave in 1910 with DAR tablet attached in 1913.

In 1913, the Daughters of the American Revolution placed a marker for Daniel Boone™s Trail at the site of the cave. It was one of 13 markers placed that year as part of three-year, four-state commemorative effort organized by North Carolina Daughter Mrs. Lindsay Patterson of Winston-Salem. (See “Trailing Daniel Boone—DAR marking Daniel Boone™s Trail, 1912-1913” by Randell Jones.) | Creator: Randell Jones [View Additional File Details]

Rock outcrop and landing at Boone's Cave along Yadkin River

The cave is along the Yadkin River. A rock outcrop adjacent to the cave serves today at a stop along the Daniel Boone Heritage Canoe Trail. (See [View Additional File Details]

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