Kingsport, Tennessee, is home to several sites of interest for Daniel Boone. The Netherland Inn developed along a later stage road and serves as the trailhead of the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail. At the Netherland Inn is a cabin, relocated to this site, believed to be similar to that lived in by Daniel Boone and his family during 1774 and 1775 after the murder of their first born, James, in 1773.

Also in Kingsport along Reedy Creek is Exchange Place, exhibiting a replica tree carving by Daniel Boone in 1775.

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Netherland Inn

William King erected a portion of this building in 1802 as part of his salt business. In 1818, it was purchased by Richard Netherland and operated as an inn along the Great Old Stage Road and at the boatyard. It became a house museum in 1968. Today it is a complex of historic buildings with year-round programming for visitors. | Creator: Randell Jones [View Additional File Details]

Daniel Boone Cabin, 1773

In 1773 as Daniel Boone and his family were attempting their first move into Kentucky, his oldest son, James, was murdered along the trail by a party of Cherokee, Shawnee, and Delaware warriors. Daniel and Rebecca stopped their plans to migrate and remained in the Powell River valley. They lived in this cabin during that time. The cabin has been relocated to the Netherland Inn in Kingsport. It serves as the Children's Museum. | Creator: Randell Jones [View Additional File Details]

Sacred Cherokee Ground monument

In 1976, during America's bicentennial, The City of Kingsport returned to the Cherokee people three acres of land at the western end of Long Island of the Holston. The monument celebrates the clans of the Cherokee Nation and the history of the Cherokees. | Creator: Randell Jones [View Additional File Details]

1914 DAR marker on Church Circle

In 1914, Miss Mary Boyce Temple organized the placing of nine cast iron tablets along "Daniel Boone's Trail" as part of the four-state commemoration. The marker in Kingsport, Tennessee, stands today on Church Circle at Watauga Street, near the library. The marker was likely placed elsewhere in the city originally and moved to this spot later. | Creator: Randell Jones [View Additional File Details]

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