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Daniel Boone arrived in North Carolina with his parents in 1752. He was 18. The Moravians migrated into the area the following year establishing Bethabara. When Daniel's younger brother, Israel, was ill with consumption (i.e., tuberculosis), Daniel and his mother took Israel to the only doctor around for hundreds of miles, the Moravian physician in Bethabara.

The Town of Bethabara was the principal Moravian village until Bethania was established in 1759 and Salem in 1766. Historic Bethabara Park interprets history through the French & Indian War and through the American Revolution. Historic Bethabara Park is in Winston-Salem and is operated by the Department of Parks and Recreation.

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Historic Bethabara Park

The Gemeinhaus, or church pictured here, was built in 1788 to replace the wooden church which served the community of Bethabara after its founding in 1753. The palisade wall is a replica of the wall built during the Cherokee War, a sub-conflict of the French & Indian War. The stone ruins in the foreground are the foundation for the laboratory of Dr. Hans Martin Kalberlahn who tended to Daniel Boone's brother, Israel in the fall of 1755. (The laboratory is from a few years after Boone's visit.) | Creator: Photography by Randell Jones [View Additional File Details]

1754 Village

Historic Bethabara Park includes a reconstruction of the structures which comprised the earliest settlement of Bethabara. These log structures were erected in 1754 and included a "shelter for strangers." This would most likely been the place where Daniel Boone stayed when he brought his brother Israel to the physician in 1755. | Creator: Photography by Randell Jones, 2010 [View Additional File Details]

Scenes around Historic Bethabara Park

The visitor center and museum includes a scale model of Bethabara village . The foundation ruins of the original gemeinhaus (i.e., church) are inside the reconstructed palisade wall while the 1788 Gemeinhaus is beyond the wall. Docents welcome visitors to the Gemeinhaus. | Creator: Photography by Randell Jones, 2010 [View Additional File Details]

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