Boone Cabin Monument


In 1912, William Lewis Bryan, the first mayor of Boone, decided to erect a monument on the site of a hunting cabin in which Daniel Boone frequently hunted on the Blue Ridge Plateau. Although he did get some contributions for the project, he decided to just build the commemorative marker himself at the age of 75. He completed it in late October 1913.

He built the monument at the site of an old cabin, but the cabin used by Daniel Boone was six miles north along Meat Camp Creek. Bryan, as the former mayor, knew that such a monument would be good for tourism, He was a consummate promoter of the Town of Boone. Today, the monument has its own rich history and connection with the community.

As Appalachian Teachers School and eventually state university grew, the Boone Cabin Monument was moved twice, finding its current home in 2005 also on Rivers Street about a quarter mile from its original spot.

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Boone Cabin Monument - 2005

The Boone Cabin Monument was reconstructed on a new site along Rivers Street using only a portion of the original stones placed in 1913 by William Lewis Bryan. | Creator: Photo and text by Randell Jones [View Additional File Details]

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