Martin's Station at Wilderness Road State Park


A replica of Martin's Station provides an impressive venue for historical interpretation and reenactments of life on the Virginia frontier in the late 18th century.

Joseph Martin was building the fort in 1775 when Daniel Boone and the axemen came through the area on their way to Cumberland Gap and Kentucky. This outpost was the last supply depot for those venturing into Kentucky. Beyond this site, all travel was on foot and horseback. All provisions were carried on pack horses. Martin's Station operated for about 15 months before it was abandoned in the face of attacks by Cherokee and Shawnee warriors in the summer of 1776. Martin had first attempted the settlement six years earlier after winning a competition for land grants offered by the Loyal Land Company. Daniel Boone and his small party of longhunters were surprised to find Martin there then when they were making their first trip across the Cumberland Gap in May 1769.

The actual site of historic Martin's Station is in Rose Hill, a few miles east of Wilderness Road State Park.

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Martin's Station at Wilderness Road State Park

Photograph by Randell Jones, 2012

Reenactors from around the eastern United State enjoy portraying life in 18th century at Martin's Station during scheduled events. [View Additional File Details]

Martin's Station is part of Wilderness Road State Park

Martin's Station is a replica settlement constructed entirely in the historic manner using authentic tools and processes. [View Additional File Details]

Reenactors portraying settlers at Martin's Station

Photographs by Randell Jones, 2014

Reenactors portray the settlers who gathered in the fort to prepare for their passage through Cumberland Gap into Kentucky. [View Additional File Details]

Indian reenactors at Raid on Martin's Station event

Photographs by Randell Jones, 2004, 2005, 2012

Reenactors of Cherokee and Shawnee warriors and "white Indians" engage in attacking the settlement at Martin's Station including kidnapping women. [View Additional File Details]

Martin's Station was in Rose Hill

A highway historical marker tells the story of Joseph Martin building his station at a site in today's Rose Hill, VA. [View Additional File Details]

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